All Christian Science Perspective

  • Beyond positive thinking: thoughts that heal

    When today’s contributor prayed for his injured dog, he experienced how God’s thoughts come with a power that brings tangible healing.

  • Trusting God, finding home

    Facing uncertainty and worry about where she would live next, today’s contributor found practical answers to her needs as she learned more about God’s care for all.

  • Preparing for the US-North Korea summit

    Today’s column explores the idea that prayers in the quiet of our home serve as windows of light for humanity and of progress for our world.

  • A change in perspective that heals

    After today’s contributor burned her hand, a sincere desire to understand how prayer heals led to quick and complete freedom from pain.

  • Tackling peer pressure

    Today’s contributor recalls how a rethink of his and others’ worth helped him respond productively when college friends began conversing inappropriately about women.

  • Countering hopelessness when violence looms

    Today’s contributor explains how prayer brought hope rather than fear when she heard about a potentially violent confrontation.

  • The Jerusalem we can all call home

    At a time when the concept of “home” is too often fraught with conflict, as in Jerusalem today, today’s contributor reflects on the idea of a deeper sense of home we each share with all humanity.

  • Safe in an emergency

    It’s one thing to believe that God is always present, but at a moment when a car crash seemed inevitable, today’s contributor had to know it.

  • Listening to our Mother

    In today’s column, a mom of three reflects on spiritual lessons that helped her navigate parenthood.

  • Success at exam time

    Today’s column considers how a spiritual view of our abilities and their divine source can free us from fears that would hinder success in the classroom and beyond.

  • More than just a feel-good day

    What started off for today’s contributor as an experience of being alone and desperate turned into a time of discovering just how tangible, practical, and familiar God’s love truly is.

  • Always ‘above water’

    Today’s column explores how we can meet life’s challenges with spiritual poise that does more than just keep us afloat.

  • Prayer beyond words

    True prayer isn’t just asking for goodness, love, and peace. It is letting God show us how to live them.

  • Healed of chronic back pain

    Today’s contributor found that leaning on God for strength to help a family member after a snowstorm led to freedom from a long-standing back problem.

  • Standing on the ‘rock’

    Today we hear from a woman who felt the power of God’s love restore a broken heart.

  • A dorm room lesson on the nature of love

    Today’s contributor recalls when helping a peer in need turned into a deeper lesson about how God’s love can lift mental clouds.

  • God’s promise of healing

    Today’s column includes an experience that helps illustrate how we can rely on God for healing.

  • Win-win solutions – always possible!

    Today’s column examines how an openness to the unbounded intelligence and love of God can reveal solutions that benefit all involved.

  • The power of prayer to heal

    Today’s contributor, who was having ongoing breathing difficulties due to allergies, shares how she was healed as a deeper sense of Christianity brought a new perspective of her real identity.

  • Perspicacity and uncommon sense

    Today’s column examines how looking beyond the material surface of things to a spiritual perspective of the world around us brings solutions, harmony, and healing.