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  • Hitler and the false lure of more is better

    Nazi Germany's economy was not a central planning success, it was a disaster. Is there a lesson for today?

  • Are economists useful anymore?

    Modern economists – especially the famous ones – close their eyes to how an economy actually works, focusing instead on a make-believe world of numbers and theories, with little connection to the world in which most people live.

  • Defense spending and the declining 'bang' for the buck

    Does the US really need to spend more money on an M1 tank that won't be a part of the next war? 

  • Mario Draghi's big bazooka: a weapon, not a cure

    Mario Draghi's vow to do 'whatever it takes' to save the euro isn't an empty promise. But his new powers to act with overwhelming force at the central bank won't solve the eurozone's crisis.

  • Falling retail sales could spell recession

    It looks like the US economy is headed into another recession. That’s what usually happens when retail sales go down for three months in a row.

  • France's debt crisis could doom the European Union

    France's economy is hanging by a thread – and French President Hollande is reaching for the scissors.

  • On the prowl for insight into economists

    The folks over at The Daily Reckoning are on a mission. Their treasure? Insight. Insight into why it is that the smartest economists in the world are so stupid. Incidentally, they hope to understand why the GDP is such a fraudulent measure of prosperity

  • A crisis veiled in public spectacle

    Over the course of three odd decades, billions of dollars were lent to people who shouldn’t have been allowed to borrow lunch money. And now, there are losses in the trillions. The real question is, will the market finally be allowed to correct itself?

  • Did the Feds rig the system?

    Bill Bonner and the analysts over at The Daily Reckoning are feeling fairly vindicated this week. They have been investigating how the federal government may have rigged the system over the past 30 years, directing funds to help the rich get richer.

  • How to 'contain the depression?' More credit, economists claim

    Bill Bonner is not too pleased with economists right now. In his latest post he claims that as a result of their conceits and delusions, trillions of dollars have been clipped from the world’s GDP, billions of people are poorer and their lives shorter.