Private employers add 158,000 jobs in October

The situation for private employment in the US improved in October according to private staffing and business services firm ADP.

This graph shows total private non-farm payrolls since 2002. Private employers added 158,000 jobs in October 2012.

Private staffing and business services firm ADP released the latest installment of their National Employment Report Thursday indicating that the situation for private employment in the U.S. improved in October as private employers added 158,000 jobs in the month bringing the total employment level 1.67% above the level seen in October 2012. 

It's important to note that with this months release, ADP has teamed up with Moody's Analytics and completely revised all their jobs data in an effort to provide a more precise depiction of private job market dynamics as well as offer additional breakouts not found in prior releases.   

Perusing the rest of the data in the ADP dataset you can see the the economy is currently showing the most growth for small to mid-sized service providing jobs with goods-producing jobs remaining near trough levels. 

Look for Friday’s BLS Employment Situation Report to likely show somewhat similar trends. 

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