6 job interview mistakes to avoid

Although the economy seems to be showing signs of improvement, there are still more applicants for every job opening than there are available positions. In a survey, HR professionals outlined six interview mistakes that can instantly kill the possibility of receiving an offer.

4. Lack of interest

If you’re not truly interested in the position, your lack of enthusiasm will show through during the interview, and the employer is not going to be interested in you. But even for those who desperately want the job, it can be difficult to show that desire.

Passion is paramount. When a job comes down to two people who are equally qualified for the job – and both exude the same confidence and pedigree – the difference maker might be who is more passionate about the position. It’s not just enough to answer all the questions correctly if someone else does, too.

Showing an excitement for the job or company on a more personal level will make you stand out.

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