Jaguars release new uniforms: best and worst new designs in the NFL (+video)

The Jacksonville Jaguars and three other teams have released new uniform designs in the past year – with mixed results. Here are the league's four new uniforms, subjectively ranked from worst to best. 

2. Jacksonville Jaguars

If you're going to have uniform overhaul, really have a uniform overhaul, the Jaguars said. The First Coast cats get maximum points for effort and risk-taking, but the new uniforms could use a bit of editing.  

First, the good: The new logo, arguably the most important element, is a major improvement over the old one: sleeker, more menacing, and better resembling an actual jaguar. The new jerseys incorporate a small “Jags” patch on the front, which the creators say is a tribute to the Jacksonville area’s large military presence. The white home jerseys look sharp; I like that they salvaged at least some of the Jags’ formerly signature teal in the numbering (and the Jag mascot’s teal tongue).

The bad: The sleeves on all three jerseys (home white, away black, and the teal alternate) are different colors than the rest of the jersey – so the white jerseys have black sleeves, the black have teal sleeves, and the teal have black sleeves. The effect is blocky and a little reminiscent of scuba gear, especially with the snug fit in that color palate.

The real problem, though, is the helmets. The new Jags headgear is two-toned: a black in the front that fades to gold in the back. According to the Jags organization, they are supposed to represent a jaguar coming out of the shadows and into the jungle to hunt. It’s daring, but it’s also ugly. There’s a slight possibility the helmets will look cool fading from black to gold in the sunlight during actual play, but I’d have to see it. 

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