Jaguars release new uniforms: best and worst new designs in the NFL (+video)

The Jacksonville Jaguars and three other teams have released new uniform designs in the past year – with mixed results. Here are the league's four new uniforms, subjectively ranked from worst to best. 

3. Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings/AP
The team's new Nike football uniforms are modeled as part of the Minnesota Vikings unveiling their new uniforms at their annual draft party on Thursday, April 25, 2013.

The Vikings didn’t mess with the helmet, which was wise; the horns are here to stay. Other than that, Minnesota stuck with a slightly updated version of the existing look. The one major change was the elimination of a vertical stripe panel up the jersey’s sides which, judging from a quick glance around the blogosphere, no one really like to begin with. The white and yellow stripes on the sleeves are smaller, and moved up a bit on the arm.

The changes to the Vikings' blond Norseman logo are only really apparent when the old and new are side by side: his horns are slightly more curled, and his braid is a little looser. 

How much does a NFL uniform cost? For the teams themselves, probably not much; the league offers exposure for Nike. For fans, an official NFL jersey will set you back about $100. Helmets vary widely in cost, but a regular adult-sized helmet from Riddell, the NFL’s supplier, will cost between $200 and $400.

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