Ten great car gifts for the drivers on your holiday list

Car-related gifts are a great way to say thank you during the holidays. Click through this list for some great ideas for all ages and budgets.

7. For the ever-prepared driver: Road kit

Courtesy of Safety Kits Plus
The $64 DOT Road Kit from Safety Kits Plus includes an emergency warning triangle, an air compressor, booster cables, and a host of other helpful items.

A mentor once told me: “You have the best luck when you’re best prepared.” That kind of thinking makes a strong case for a roadside emergency kit that stays onboard your vehicle at all times.

Beware of such kits that hold nothing more than a few Band-Aids and a bottle of water. The best ones will include a mini air compressor, jumper cables (or a self-powered jumper pack), some heavy-duty work gloves, and a flashlight. Here's one example. Zip-ties are a nice component as well. More discreet and durable than ever-popular duct tape, those little plastic cables can make quick work of adjusting “slightly askew” parts that could otherwise cut your road trip short.

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