Who are the 10 richest members of Congress?

The 10 wealthiest members of Congress in 2012 include Senate and House members hailing from all over the US. Can you guess which political party had the most lawmakers on the list – and who grabbed the top spot? 

5. Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D) – W.Va.

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    From left: Sens. Jay Rockefeller,Charles Schumer, and Maria Cantwell talk on Capitol Hill in Washington in this 2009 file photo. Rockefeller is the great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller, once considered the world's richest man.
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Minimum net worth: $83.08 million 
Even multimillionaires have mortgages. 

Rockefeller took out a loan of at least $1 million on a New York condominium in 2011 and disclosed it on the liabilities section of his annual disclosure form. Though in prior years such a purchase would have likely gone unnoticed, lawmakers were required to report mortgages on personal residences for the first time this year under new disclosure provisions in the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge, or STOCK, Act. 
Rockefeller is the great-grandson of Standard Oil Co. founder John D. Rockefeller, who was once considered the world's richest man. The bulk of the lawmaker's wealth is held in blind trusts, one of which has a reported value of at least $50 million. Since congressional financial disclosure forms require lawmakers to report the value of assets within broad categories, the highest of which is $50 million or more, the actual value of Rockefeller's trust holdings could far exceed what appears on paper. 
Rockefeller's minimum net worth rose from $81.63 million in 2010 to $83.08 million in 2011, according to Roll Call's calculations. 
Rockefeller's only other liability is a 1998 demand loan of $5 million to $25 million that he reports year after year from United National Bank. 

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