Five things Millennials never want to hear

4. 'You don’t have enough experience'

Mary Knox Merrill/The Christian Science Monitor/File
Katie Del Guercio, business development manager for the technology start-up Koda, works at her desk in New Orleans in this file photo. Although Millennials are sometimes perceived as not having the patience to slowly work their way up the career ladder, it's usually better to channel their enthusiasm rather than block it.

One of the raps on Millennials is that they want it all now – including all of the boomers’ jobs! They are perceived as not having the patience to work their way up the ranks as their parents did. There is some truth to that – they have grown up with a combination of being rewarded for just participating (didn’t all of your kids on the soccer team get a trophy?) and instant access to what they need. They are often referred to as the I-Generation (the Internet babies). And hence they think they know it all (or can find the answer). But rather than bringing such unbridled enthusiasm to a screeching halt, perhaps it is better to find the skills they possess (data management, research, technology, for example) and leverage them so they can advance their careers at perhaps a slightly faster pace than you experienced. 

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