Five things Millennials never want to hear

3. 'Can you help me fix my computer?'

Mary Knox Merrill/The Christian Science Monitor/File
In this file photo, Angela Govila and Bob Goodman converse during a training session in the offices of Ernst & Young in Boston. If you've got a computer question, first try using the help function rather than relying reflexively on a Millennial in the office.

Understandably, some people fundamentally don't get it. Millennials have grown up with technology at their fingertips. They can figure out computer issues in their sleep. That said, they don't want to perceive someone as clueless. Being technologically challenged is not cool. So don’t ask your Millennial workers for computer help. It not only distracts them from their work and lives. If you need to fix your computer, first try the “help” function, and then ask a professional.

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