Looking for a good read? Try a Chipotle bag

Fast-food company Chipotle Mexican Grill has started a campaign titled Cultivating Thought which involves putting works by authors such as Toni Morrison and Michael Lewis on their food and drink receptacles.

Gene J. Puskar/AP
Chipotle's new campaign involves works by director Judd Apatow and comedians Bill Hader and Sarah Silverman.

Would you like a free work by Toni Morrison with your taco?

The fast-food company Chipotle Mexican Grill is putting works by authors such as Morrison, Malcolm Gladwell, Michael Lewis, and George Saunders on their bags and cups for a campaign titled Cultivating Thought. The idea came from “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” author Jonathan Safran Foer, according to the New York Times, who found himself eating a Chipotle meal without anything to read 

“I said, ‘You know you have all of these surfaces in your restaurants, the cups, the bags, why don’t you just give something to people?' ” Mr. Foer says in a statement on the website for the program. “Not as any kind of marketing tool, not with any particular message, but just something thoughtful.”

Writers Foer and Sheri Fink, psychologist Steven Pinker, “This Is 40” director Judd Apatow, and comedians Bill Hader and Sarah Silverman will also be contributing writings to Chipotle.

The works appeared on the bags and cups starting on May 15. 

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