Walter Kirn's con man tale 'Blood Will Out' could come to TV

'Blood Will Out' has been put in development as a limited series.

'Blood Will Out' is by Walter Kirn.

The strange tale of the man who called himself Clark Rockefeller could be coming to TV – again.

Walter Kirn’s book “Blood Will Out,” about his friendship with a con man who called himself Clark Rockefeller and committed multiple crimes, has been put in development by Sony Pictures TV, according to Deadline.

Kirn and Sheldon Turner, who adapted Kirn’s book “Up in the Air” for the 2009 film version, will reportedly work together on the script.

“Blood Will Out” would be a limited series and Sony Pictures TV would pitch the series to networks, according to Deadline.

“Blood Will Out” was released this past March and chronicled Kirn’s friendship with Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, who called himself Clark Rockefeller and was put on trial for murder. Amazon included the book in the website’s list of the 10 best books of that month.

“The reporter who's supposed to be savvier and smarter than everyone else gets taken in by a con man," Amazon editorial director Sara Nelson said of the book. "He just can't face it.”

The story of Gerhartsreiter was previously adapted into a 2010 Lifetime movie starring "Will and Grace" actor Eric McCormack.

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