Laini Taylor's 'Days of Blood and Starlight' sequel will be released spring 2014

The third book in the series, 'Dreams of Gods and Monsters,' will conclude the trilogy that started with Taylor's book 'Daughter of Smoke and Bone.'

As they waited for book No. 3, fans were invited to create a trailer for book No. 2 in Laini Taylor's 'Days of Blood and Starlight' series.

“Dreams of Gods and Monsters,” the third and final book in the “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” series by Laini Taylor, will come out in the spring of 2014.

The series follows Karou, a girl who has been brought up by mysterious creatures known as chimaera (beings that have the body parts of different animals) and is sent on mysterious errands in other worlds. But she starts questioning everything she thinks she knows about herself when she meets an angel named Akiva who reveals to her secrets about her past.

The final book will include “enemy armies trying to fight side by side, the possibility of love rekindling, and… new threats,” Taylor told Entertainment Weekly. She said the new book will pick up immediately after the ending of the second book in the series, “Days of Blood & Starlight.”

Taylor is also the author of the book “Lips Touch: Three Times” and the “Dreamdark” series.

As fans wait for “Dreams of Gods and Monsters,” Taylor created a contest in which fans could create trailers for “Days of Blood and Starlight.”

“I was blown away by fan talent in the wake of Daughter of Smoke & Bone, when readers sent me extraordinary art and videos, and even a really good rap!” Taylor said. “With Days of Blood & Starlight coming out, I wanted to recognize that incredible pool of creativity.”

Taylor recently selected Christine Tyler’s video as the winner of the contest – check it out.

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