Half Price Books hosts a Tournament of Sidekicks March Madness-style

The tournament is currently down to 16 contenders, with everyone from Ron Weasley of 'Harry Potter' fame to Winnie the Pooh's friend Piglet still in the running.

Courtesy of Warner Bros.
The character Ron Weasley, portrayed in the 'Harry Potter' films by Rupert Grint (l., with Daniel Radcliffe), is currently in contention for the title of Best Sidekick in Half Price Book's March Madness-style Tournament of Sidekicks.

Want a March Madness tournament that’s a little more suited to your love of all things fictional?

Half Price Books has you covered. This year, the store’s face-off will determine the best imaginary sidekick, determined bracket-style like the popular college basketball pastime.

Half Price Books, which is based in Texas and has locations all over the country, has in the past hosted brackets to determine the best sci-fi and fantasy protagonists and best – or do we mean worst? – villain. Now only 16 contenders for the title of "best sidekick" remain, with competitors ranging from “Harry Potter” character Ron Weasley to Luigi from the “Mario” Nintendo video games. Cartoon fans will also find Woodstock from the “Charlie Brown” series, while classic TV aficionados will note the presence of "The Andy Griffith Show" bumbler Barney Fife and theater lovers will find Hamlet's best friend Horatio.

Who will triumph? Cast your vote here if you want to get in on the fun.

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