'Salinger' documentary will include additional footage when it airs on PBS

'Salinger' is set to air on PBS on Jan. 21.

Gene Sweeney Jr./The Florida Times-Union/AP
Author J.D. Salinger (r.) stands with actress Elaine Joyce (l.).

The documentary “Salinger,” which hit theaters this past fall, will air on PBS with 15 minutes of additional footage, according to the network.

“Salinger,” which was directed by Shane Salerno and was released at the same time as a book of the same title co-written by Salerno and David Shields, was released this past September after a promotional campaign that promised many revelations about the famously secretive “Catcher in the Rye” author. The film mainly drew attention for its pronouncement that new works by Salinger may be released soon. Salerno claimed before the movie’s release that Salinger left instructions to his estate for these new works to be released between 2015 and 2020. Last month, previously unreleased work by the author leaked online. 

When “Salinger” premieres on PBS on Jan. 21, the movie will be 15 minutes longer than the film released in theaters, according to Deadline.

According to American Masters, the new footage will focus on Salinger’s time fighting in World War II, among other subjects, and will include additional photos.

At the time of its release, Monitor critic Peter Rainer gave “Salinger” a B grade, calling it “by turns fascinating and infuriating” and writing that “there is much overreaching in this film.”

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