Joseph Gordon-Levitt will produce 'Sandman' film adaptation. Will he also direct and star?

Director and actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt tweeted that he has 'signed on as a producer on Sandman. The rest remains to be seen.'

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP
Joseph Gordon-Levitt has signed on as a producer for the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman' graphic novels.

Actor and director Joseph Gordon-Levitt has signed on to produce the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel series “Sandman” – will he direct or star as well?

Gordon-Levitt tweeted that “I’ve signed on as a producer on Sandman. The rest remains to be seen.”

According to Deadline writer Mike Fleming Jr., “the deal [Gordon-Levitt is] making attaches him as the protagonist” of the film. “I’m told that in addition to that, he’s eyeing the project as a directing vehicle,” Fleming added.

According to Variety, “Man of Steel” writer David S. Goyer will be adapting the screenplay for the movie and Gaiman will executive-produce the film.

Gordon-Levitt released his directorial debut, “Don Jon,” this fall and the film received positive reviews, with many critics praising his turn as director and star.

Gaiman released a new installment in his “Sandman” graphic novel series, which takes place before the original writings, this past October and six parts of the new work are planned altogether, with new installments being released on a bi-monthly basis. The original series first made an appearance in 1989 and follows the protagonist Dream, who is imprisoned for decades and, after being released, comes to the realization that he must become a better person as he tries to rebuild his kingdom in the present day.

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