Bestselling Morrissey autobiography snags a US release date

'Autobiography' by Morrissey has become the fastest-selling memoir in the UK written by a musician, according to the work's publisher.

Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP
Morrissey's autobiography was published earlier this month in the UK.

Musician Morrissey’s bestselling autobiography now has a US release date after becoming the fastest-selling memoir by a musician in the UK.

“Autobiography” by Morrissey was published Oct. 15 in the UK and is topping sales charts there, according to publisher G.P. Putnam’s Sons, which will be releasing the book in America.

“Few artists have had the kind of creative staying power as Morrissey and we are thrilled to be his American publisher,” G.P. Putnam’s Sons said in a statement.

Putnam president David Held noted their haste to get the book out as soon as possible in the US, with the book scheduled to hit US shelves on Dec. 3.

“That’s about as quick as you can do it and get proper distribution,” Held told The New York Times.

American readers who wanted the book had been ordering copies from the UK before now. Simon Key, who works at the Big Green Bookshop in London, told the Guardian of the unusual demand the store was receiving from US readers for the book.

“People have been getting in touch by email and Twitter,” Key said. “It is unusual, as an independent London bookshop. We don't generally sell a lot of books in America.”

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