Susan Boyle: Her first solo concert tour has almost sold out

Susan Boyle: The Scottish singer's solo concert tour, consisting of seven dates in Scotland, is expected to sell out today. Susan Boyle rose to fame as a contestant on 'Britain's Got Talent.'

Scott Heppell/AP
Susan Boyle is embarking on a concert tour in Scotland.

Reality singing star Susan Boyle’s Scotland tour, her first-ever solo concert series, has already sold out almost all of its tickets.

Boyle, who received global attention when a video of her singing the Les Misérables song “I Dreamed A Dream” on the TV show “Britain’s Got Talent” hit YouTube, won second place on “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2009 and has released four albums, with her most recent, titled “Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs from the Stage,” having been released last November.

Boyle’s Scotland tour will last seven nights and will include stops in the Highlands, Aberdeen, and Edinburgh. Concert organizers told the Scotsman that 98 percent of the tickets for the tour had already been sold as of 4:24 p.m. Scotland time.

“Audiences can expect something from her past four albums, and something different. There will be a complete range of music, fro Tina Turner to Adele,” an unnamed spokesperson for Boyle told the Scotsman. “This tour is her way of thanking the Scottish public for their support since Britain’s Got Talent. They have been unbelievable.”

Boyle’s debut album, “I Dreamed A Dream,” became the fastest-selling album of all time in Britain. The singer published an autobiography titled “The Woman I Was Born To Be” in 2010 and a musical, titled “I Dreamed A Dream,” was created based on the book. “Dream” debuted in Newcastle in March 2012 and toured during that year. Elaine C. Smith, who co-wrote the script of the show, starred as Boyle and the production was mostly positively reviewed in the UK.

The singer is also making her acting debut with a film set in England in the late nineteenth century titled “The Christmas Candle,” which also stars “Les Misérables” actress Samantha Barks. John Stephenson is directing the film and James Cosmo and John Hannah are co-starring.

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