Jennifer Lawrence will reportedly star in a new movie adaptation of 'East of Eden'

'The Hunger Games' director Gary Ross and Jennifer Lawrence are reportedly teaming up again for a new movie version of Steinbeck's novel.

Joel Ryan/Invision/AP
Jennifer Lawrence will also be seen in the upcoming film adaptation of the second book in the 'Hunger Games' series.

“The Hunger Games” director Gary Ross and “Games” star Jennifer Lawrence are reuniting for another literary adaptation: a new movie version of John Steinbeck’s novel “East of Eden.”

According to Deadline, Lawrence will play memorable villainess Cathy Trask, the wife of protagonist Adam and mother to his twin sons Aron and Cal. The story will be released in two parts. (One hardcover edition of "East of Eden" clocks in at 601 pages).

The 1952 book is Ross’s favorite American novel, according to Deadline.

“East of Eden” was most memorably adapted as a 1955 film which starred actor James Dean as Cal Trask, actress Julie Harris as love interest Abra, and Raymond Massey as Adam Trask. Actress Jo Van Fleet won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role as Cathy.

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