'Game of Thrones': 20 questions as Season 3 ends

As Season 3 of HBO's 'Game of Thrones' limps to a close (and what can it do but limp after the Red Wedding of episode 9?), we're not seeing a whole lot of happy endings on the horizon. However, hope dies hard. And even though some of our favorite characters are gone, many burning questions remain. Here are some of the most urgent. (Beware, if you haven't finished Season 3: spoilers follow!)

1. Will Arya turn on the Hound?

Arya has now proved to us exactly how tough (or brutal) she can be. And she's got a mental list of people with whom she'd like to even the score. She's with the Hound at the moment. But might she turn on him? Or, perhaps she'll save his demise for another day and strike out on her own. She certainly seems primed to become a mini-avenger of the night, exacting her revenge. 

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