'Life at the Marmont': 6 stories of Hollywood stars at the famous hotel

The Chateau Marmont in Hollywood has played host to everyone from Grace Kelly to Johnny Depp. Here are a few of the stories from the hotel's former owner, Raymond Sarlot, and writer Fred E. Basten.

2. Wartime shelter

Sherwin-Williams/PR Newswire

During World War II, the Marmont was chosen as the air-raid shelter for the surrounding residents. The exclusive doors were suddenly open to the public. "No sooner did the word get out than strangers began arriving in droves," Little remembered. "They would wander in and out at will, wondering where to go and how to get there 'just in case.' There was nothing we could do but try and be helpful, at times at the expense of our guests." However, Little said the paying guests were mostly very understanding. "Few of the guests complained," she said. "There was such a spirit of togetherness."

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