'Life at the Marmont': 6 stories of Hollywood stars at the famous hotel

The Chateau Marmont in Hollywood has played host to everyone from Grace Kelly to Johnny Depp. Here are a few of the stories from the hotel's former owner, Raymond Sarlot, and writer Fred E. Basten.

3. Nervous Grace Kelly


Kelly stayed at the Marmont while she was filming the 1952 movie "High Noon." She would go on to make many other movies, but according to Sarlot and Basten, the actress was nervous at first about her job. "There were times when she would return to the studio looking rather distraught," they wrote. "One day while passing through the lobby, she was overheard to say, 'I wonder if I'm going to be any good.'" Other guests remembered hearing her rehearse her lines loudly in her room.

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