9 musicians who have broken into the literary world

It took almost 60 years for Woody Guthrie’s 1947 novel "House of Earth" to finally see the light of day. But Guthrie is not the only musician out there who has tried to write something other than songs. Here are nine other musicians who have published novels, short stories, poetry, and children’s books over the years – with varying degrees of success.

1. Pete Wentz

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz’s 2013 novel Gray – co-written with a staff writer for MTV news – is his second publication. The first was a young adult book titled “The Boy With the Thorn In His Side.” The new book tells the story of a singer on tour with a band and includes plenty of drugs and heavy levels of despair. Will "Gray" encourage Wentz to permanently switch from music to literature? Not if you ask some of the novel's early readers. In its review of the book, the Onion’s AV Club said that "Gray" "fails at style, plotting, and emotional resonance.”

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