'Never Look a Polar Bear in the Eye': 5 stories from a family's time near the Arctic

Zac Unger temporarily moved his family to Churchill, Manitoba, to experience life in the polar bear wild. Here are some of his stories from his book "Never Look a Polar Bear in the Eye."

3. A tough place to live

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    Polar bears near Churchill, Manitoba

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Unger wrote that his family's destination, Churchill, is a difficult place to survive day-to-day. "By January, the Arctic night is endless and the temperatures are so low that just walking around outside is dangerous," he wrote. "Churchill isn't a bad place, but it is unremittingly harsh. Whether it's the summer bugs, the pitch-dark winter, or the epic bouts of unemployment, only a very special kind of person chooses to make this place home. Even the mayor doesn't live in town full-time; his family all moved to Winnipeg years ago. If Churchill had a flag it would be gray on a gray background, with gray trim. Just as Ireland is associated with green and Arizona with rusty red, things in Churchill are notable mostly for their lack of any color whatsoever."

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