'Never Look a Polar Bear in the Eye': 5 stories from a family's time near the Arctic

Zac Unger temporarily moved his family to Churchill, Manitoba, to experience life in the polar bear wild. Here are some of his stories from his book "Never Look a Polar Bear in the Eye."

4. Living in the wild


Unger visited Dr. Robert Rockwell, a biologist who had spent 40 years in the area near Churchill, and at one point, the two of them stopped by the main kitchen building of his research camp. "One entire wall of the shed was covered with haphazard shelves where towers of peanut butter competed for space with cans of tuna, jugs of corn oil, and enough Ramen noodles to sustain a fraternity house for several semesters," Unger wrote. "'We might have to let those go this year,' Rocky said sadly, eyeing thirty pounds of instant mashed potatoes that looked untouched since the mid-1980s."

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