4 stories from Jane Austen in Latin America

Señor Darcy? Writer Amy Elizabeth Smith wanted something to do and decided to travel through various countries in Latin America, bringing the works of Jane Austen to those living there and asking for their thoughts about the classic stories. Here are 4 stories of Smith's findings and adventures from her book 'All Roads Lead to Austen.'

1. Loud audience members in America

Before she left on her trip, Smith attended a screening of the 2005 "Pride and Prejudice" film that was populated by three very enthusiastic audience members. "The three treated the outing like a trip to a Steelers game, shouting encouragement and insults at the appropriate spots," she wrote. "I'm usually the first person to shush noisy viewers, but it was worth the ticket price to hear them respond to the story with such unreserved gusto. 'Who... does he think he is?!' barked the woman when Darcy snubs Lizzy at the dance. 'Ha! Guess she told you, buddy!' hooted one of the men when Lizzy takes him down a peg or two a few scenes later... Imagine the surprise of all three when Darcy reappears to give it one more try – they were so happy they clapped and hollered. I felt like hugging them."

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