4 stories from Jane Austen in Latin America

Writer Amy Elizabeth Smart traveled through several countries to see how Austen translated across cultures. Here are 4 of her stories.

2. Views of working men in Puerto Vallarta


When Smith conducted a discussion group in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, one observation she received from the readers in the area was disdain over what they viewed as idle men like Sir John Middleton. "Sir Middleton and those others, all of these men with no jobs!" one woman commented. "Sheesh!" But the entire group felt that the values of Austen's world still translated to their own. "'Any parent, rich or poor, worries about their kids having the best, being happy,' Josefa said. 'And not having their daughters get stuck with a bad guy,' Diego added. 'Someone hardworking,' Juan spoke up for the first time. 'You want your daughter to find a hardworking man.' 'Without vices,' Josefa concurred."

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