Tiger Woods: 8 memories from his swing coach

In The Big Miss, former Woods swing coach Hank Haney shares 8 memories from his six years with the golf star.

3. Not a conversationalist


Haney wrote that sometimes Woods would freeze him or other staff members out, either because he was angry at them, angry about something else, or because he often didn't get close to people, according to Haney. "Steve Williams [Woods' caddy] and I would joke to ourselves about how uncomfortable Tiger's muteness could become," Haney wrote. "Whenever Steve or I would see Tiger, we would always be the first ones to speak, usually asking Tiger how he was, or how he slept or whatever. Steve told me that before one round he was going to make a point of not being the one to speak first.... Steve has a lot of willpower, but he reported that after about twenty minutes, he finally broke down and said something. And Tiger answered him like everything was normal. 'It was getting ridiculous,' Steve said. 'He was just warming up like I wasn't even there. He is definitely in his own world.'"

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