Tiger Woods: 8 memories from his swing coach

In The Big Miss, former Woods swing coach Hank Haney shares 8 memories from his six years with the golf star.

2. Fame and Tiger


Haney said that he never saw Woods bring up his fame himself in public or act entitled. Haney cites a comment by golfer John Cook, who remarked that Tiger "knows his place." "Tiger knew he was special, but with so much certainty that he never had to talk about it," Haney wrote. "He never pulled rank with a 'Do you know who I am?' routine in public places. When he walked into a restaurant, the red carpet was rolled out, a special room was provided, and the owner came by to pay homage. But all he cared about was that the meal came out right away, and he'd try to slip in and out unnoticed. He might have needed indulging from those around him, but he didn't need attention from them. I guess he'd had too much from too young an age."

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