7 excellent books about Kony and the LRA

Seven books to better inform about Kony, the LRA, and Uganda.

4. 'Living with Bad Surroundings: War, History and Everyday Moments in Northern Uganda,' by Sverker Finnström


This is a highly accessible anthropological study of Northern Uganda and the LRA. It is useful in part because it establishes the colonial legacies though which the Acholi came to be marginalized in Uganda and stereotyped by the international community. Rather than basing his account on simplistic explanations like “ancient ethnic hatreds” between the Acholi and other Ugandans, Finnström provides a rich array of interviews with Northern Ugandans that touch on cultural, historical, and political aspects of the war. In particular, he highlights the voices of young people, whom he says “did not passively wait for outside solutions; rather, in everyday life they built for a future despite displacement and social unrest.”

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