7 excellent books about Kony and the LRA

Seven books to better inform about Kony, the LRA, and Uganda.

3. 'Museveni’s Uganda: Paradoxes of Power in a Hybrid Regime,' by Aili Mari Tripp


Aili Mari Tripp is a respected political scientist who specializes in central Africa. This book explores the networks of power and patronage through which President Museveni has maintained control in Uganda for so long. Tripp argues that the Ugandan government today is a hybrid of democratic institutions and autocratic leadership. While the international community has often lauded Museveni for bringing relative stability to Uganda in the aftermath of Idi Amin’s repressive regime, the truth about his governance has always been far more complicated. This book is crucial reading for anyone who seeks better understanding of the Museveni regime’s long war against the LRA.

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