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  • Tyler Clementi and cyberbullying: how courts ruled in five other cases

    The trial for the roommate of former Rutgers University Tyler Clementi will be watched by legal experts nationwide to see how the court addresses the growing issue of cyberbullying. Here is a list of court proceedings where cyberbullying or Internet privacy invasion was a key issue. 

  • 7 memories from the first year of a baby's life

    Writer Ann Lamott and her son Sam share stories of unexpectedly adding a new generation to the family.

  • 6 stories from a veteran flight attendant

    In 'Cruising Attitude,' flight attendant Heather Poole shares stories from her years in the air.

  • Bestselling books the week of 2/23/12, according to IndieBound*

    What's selling best in independent bookstores across America.

  • Eight who have gone from business to politics

    From a billionaire publisher to a truck-stop magnate, many have traded the executive suite for political office.

  • Greek bailout: 5 key conditions set by EU

    European Union leaders agreed to a €130 billion ($172 billion) bailout deal for Greece early this morning after a long night of negotiations. Here are five key elements of the bailout deal.

  • Zetas break out of prison in Mexico. Who are they?

    According to Mexican authorities, the Zetas have become the biggest drug trafficking organization in Mexico. On Feb. 19 Zeta members allegedly instigated a prison riot, killing members of the opposing Gulf Cartel, and covering up their escape. Here are four questions about the Zetas, answered. 

  • Opinion 4 reasons Abraham Lincoln wouldn't win the GOP nomination in 2012

    Yes, Abraham Lincoln was America's first Republican president, and, yes, the GOP proudly calls itself the Party of Lincoln. But Bradley University sociology chair Jackie Hogan wonders: Could Lincoln win his party’s nomination in 2012? Considers his stance on some of the hot-button issues in the Republican primary race.

  • Presidents’ Day: five facts you didn’t know about George Washington

    Although today has culturally morphed into Presidents' Day over the years, the official holiday is George Washington's birthday -- even though Washington was born on February 22. Here are five little-known facts about the original founding father.

  • Top 10 richest US presidents

    Mitt Romney earned nearly $22 million in 2010. If elected, he would be in the Top 3 most wealthiest presidents. You may be surprised by who ranks among the Top 10 wealthiest US presidents.

  • Mardi Gras: a guide to five of the biggest New Orleans parades

    Parades known as krewes form the backbones of the Mardi Gras season in New Orleans. Here are five of the biggest ones. 

  • What sanctions? Top five countries buying oil from Iran.

    Iran is the third-largest exporter of crude oil in the world, behind Saudi Arabia and Russia. Its economy relies heavily on oil exports. According to tallies from June 2011, here is a list of the top 5 importers of Iranian oil.

  • Rick Santorum: Top 7 culture war moments

    As a senator, Rick Santorum was one of the Republican Party's best-known culture warriors. Now, as a surging presidential contender, Mr. Santorum is still leading the charge, and facing questions about some of his old, and not so old, comments. Here is a sample.

  • Threats to US: Pentagon officials drop three surprises

    Pentagon’s key intelligence officials warned of 'current and future worldwide threats' to US national security in a congressional hearing Thursday. Here are three top surprises.

  • Got your driver's permit? Top 5 things to know about your car.

    You have your driver’s permit? Congratulations. You've learned the rules of the road and earned the right to drive. But there's a lot more to driving. If you want to drive safely and save money, you have to know how to keep your car properly maintained. One of our recent surveys at found that two-thirds of parents of teen drivers rated their teen's basic knowledge of car maintenance as "somewhat or completely clueless," or "average." Teens can use online resources on our site or other websites to learn more. Here are five car maintenance and repair tips to get you started:

  • 10 best books for readers ages 7 to 9

    Ten delightful literary adventures for young readers aged 7 to 9.

  • Opinion 8 ways to find common ground

    Gridlock plagues Washington. Polarizing soundbytes get constant play in the 24/7 news cycle. The culture wars rage on. But these Monitor op-ed writers suggest there’s more common ground than meets the eye. Here are eight powerful perspectives on the possibilities for meeting in the middle.

  • Bestselling books the week of 2/16/12, according to IndieBound*

    What's selling best in independent bookstores across America.

  • Five outrageously pricey pooches

    Malachy the Pekingese won Best in Show at the 2012 Westminster Kennel Club dog show Tuesday, receiving a silver cup, a raft of media appearance, and the promise of breeding fees. But the crowd-pleasing champion has nothing on these five uber-expensive dogs. Most of us think our furry best friends are priceless (author included). But some dog lovers are willing and able to put their money where their heart is. Here's our list of five pricey pooches. Can you guess which breed took the top spot, and at what price?

  • 'The Phantom Menace': Six other 3-D re-releases to look for

    'The Phantom Menace' and 'Beauty and the Beast' were just the beginning of old movies that will be new again

  • Valentine's Day: cost of romance rising for flower delivery, 4 other things

    When you arrange for flower delivery or take a special someone out for dinner this Valentine's Day, it'll cost more than it did a year ago. That's the cold hard fact about a warmhearted and festive day, according official US inflation data.But the rising cost may actually be a relatively small one: Those chocolate or flower prices haven't been rising at gas-pump-fast rates. Here's the official inflation tally of five common Valentine's Day activities, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • China's Vice President Xi is in town: what 6 international newspapers say

    Chinese Vice President and presumed leader-in-waiting Xi Jinping is visiting the United States this week. From the increased US militarization of the Asia-Pacific region to China’s human rights record, newspapers across the globe are chiming in with their opinions and expectations for this high-profile visit. Here are a sample of six:

  • Black History Month: Five major events and figures

    Black History Month is the annual celebration of the struggles, achievements and overall contribution African-Americans have made to the US.

  • Whitney Houston: Her Grammy wins

    The singer dominated album sales and received many award nominations during her heyday – here are the songs and albums that got her Grammy Awards.

  • Five budget realities no politician will talk about (not even Ron Paul)

    Ron Paul deserves credit for making the boldest proposals of any candidate in the presidential race. The astonishing reality of the federal government’s budget situation, however, is that even his plans might not be enough to keep Uncle Sam out of bankruptcy. While President Obama offers a $3.8 trillion budget that optimistically might cut the federal deficit to $575 billion by 2018, federal data suggest the United States is already broke. The Federal Reserve estimates that the net value of all private assets, including real estate, stocks, bonds, businesses, cash, etc., is $57 trillion. But the Treasury Department estimates the federal government’s net worth is a negative $61 trillion. Here are five budget realities that no candidate wants to acknowledge: