Welcome to 'Keep Calm'

Seeing the big picture can have a calming effect when it comes to world news. 

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    A man photographs the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica, Calif. on Feb. 22.
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We all know that the crazy stuff that happens in that big world out there affects us, but we don't always know why. Headlines can shock us, but seeing the big picture can have a calming effect. Starting this week, I'll be writing a blog that will try to provide a bit more context that would help us all make sense of news events. Who am I? I've been with The Christian Science Monitor for 23 years, and have reported from bureaus in the United States, India, and South Africa.

The title of the blog is "Keep Calm," a winking reference to the World War II slogan urging British subjects to "Keep Calm and Carry On," even as German bombs fall around them. It's a pretty decent ethos for our times, too.  

– Scott Baldauf


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