Climbing higher at German wind farm

A German wind farm offers a ropes course at the foot of a towering wind turbine, providing an alternative view of green energy.

Isabelle de Pommereau
A ropes course at the Juwi Group’s wind farm.

• A local, slice-of-life story from a Monitor correspondent.

Welcome to the world’s first ropes course ever installed on a wind farm. Built by the Juwi Group, one of Germany’s leading renewable-energy companies, and located at the foot of one of the farm’s 10 towering wind turbines, it’s attracting tourists in droves.

Why would a green company also build a climbing ropes course?

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“We wanted to make the windmills more inviting,” says Ricarda Schuller, a spokesperson for Juwi. As interest in green energy use grows, the interactive course could help provide an alternative view of wind farms, which are often criticized here for being eyesores.

The course also fits into the company’s overall philosophy of providing attractive services to its employees: In addition to the ropes course, Juwi has a kindergarten, a swimming pool, and a beach volleyball court.

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