International Women's Day: How it's celebrated around the globe

International Women's Day has served for more than a century as a day to honor the achievements of women globally. Here are some ways people are celebrating:

4. Europe

Eurostat, the European Union’s statistical office, released a number of gender statistics in the eurozone – ranging from gender ratios to shopping trends – in honor of IWD. For example: In every member state, the proportion of women at risk of poverty or social exclusion, which includes limited access to housing, health care or employment, is higher than men.

Specific events in Europe include a brunch for survivors of domestic abuse and violence held in Tullamore, Ireland, and a UNWomen-Ireland-sponsored literary event, with a public reading of short stories featuring women from James Joyce’s book Dubliners.
In Spain, a multimedia project has been organized, where women across the country can send in photos, texts, or videos with examples of women who have inspired them.  A performance of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues is taking place in Brno, Czech Republic, while a “women’s empowerment workshop” has been organized in Norway, encouraging self-awareness and empowerment  for participants through dance, music, and meditation.
Progress Watch
+ Laws prohibiting domestic violence are on the books in all but four European countries, according to UN Women.
Between 8 and 35 percent of women in 20 European countries have been physically abused, according to UN Women. 

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