Hollande's victory: The world ponders a major shift

François Hollande's victory may represent change for not just France, but Europe as a whole.

Suddeutsche Zeitung (Germany)

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    German Chancellor Angela Merkel is welcomed by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, for a French-German cabinet meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris, Monday, Feb. 6.
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Merkel gets a good partner in Hollande, Stefan Ulrich (Translated by Daryl Lindsey and Spiegel Online)

“The fears that many have about [Hollande] are exaggerated. Naturally, the Socialist will insist on broadening the EU's economization policies with a growth strategy, but that has long been the prevailing opinion and will no longer be challenged by the chancellor.

Angela Merkel dismissed Hollande during the campaign and focused on a victory from Sarkozy.… But Hollande could prove to be the better partner. Unlike 'Merkozy,' the new duo 'Merklande' covers both the conservative, pro-business, and the social democratic sides of Europe. As a coalition they could ensure that German-French standards will be accepted by other countries. A rapprochement with Hollande will protect the chancellor from becoming an isolated hegemon within the EU. With Hollande, Merkel is getting a partner with whom she can tackle Europe's challenges – financial restructuring for members and creating a social model that can survive in the new world."

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