Did Boston's Mayor Marty Walsh ban Donald Trump from the city?

The 2016 presidential candidate and real estate mogul is banned from opening any hotels in the city of Boston until further notice, Walsh says. 

P. Kevin Morley/Richmond Times-Dispatch/AP
Donald Trump answers questions surrounding his bid for the US presidency in Albemarle House, a property of his outside of Charlottesville, Va., Tuesday.

Since announcing his 2016 presidential candidacy last month, real estate mogul Donald Trump and his controversial remarks on illegal Mexican immigrants have made enemies left and right. 

NBC, Macy’s, and NASCAR are among the many companies that have severed business ties with the front-running Republican candidate, and many of his conservative peers are actively working to distance themselves from Mr. Trump after his declaration that undocumented Mexican immigrants are “bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

Now, The Donald is taking on the city of Boston. 

The developing feud began on Tuesday, after Mayor Martin Walsh told the Boston Herald that if Trump ever wants to build a hotel in Boston, he’ll have to apologize for his immigration comments first. 

“I just don’t agree with him at all,” Mr. Walsh said. “I think his comments are inappropriate. And if he wanted to build a hotel here, he’d have to make some apologies to people in this country.” 

Trump fired back at Mayor Walsh in an interview with the Herald’s Howie Carr in which he referred to himself in the third person, saying: “I think Walsh, whoever he may be, should absolutely apologize to Mr. Trump, because frankly, as you see it, it was very heated last week, now everyone is apologizing to me, because they realize I’m right.” 

“Everyone is saying I’m right. I don’t know Marty Walsh, but everyone is saying I’m right,” he continued. “I expect him to apologize for me, and if he doesn’t, the voters should vote him the hell out of office.”

Neither man shows any signs of surrendering at the moment, but if history is any guide, Walsh may have to in the future. In 2012, Walsh’s predecessor, Thomas Menino, made headlines for vowing to keep Chick-Fil-A stores out of Boston due to the company president’s anti-gay marriage stance, but later had to back down. 

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