Patriots have their December game faces on. A Week 14 NFL quiz

The Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons may have spent much of this NFL season thinking it was “their year,” but the 11-2 records they’ve posted suddenly don’t seem so impressive. Not after the Carolina Panthers knocked off Atlanta Sunday, 30-20, and the New England Patriots crushed Houston Monday night, 42-14. Since 2010, the Patriots (10-3) are now 21-0 in games played in the second half of the season and looking increasingly Super Bowl ready. To test your knowledge of Week 14 developments, take this 14-question quiz.

1. With 42 more points in Monday night’s obliteration of the Texans, the Patriots remain the highest scoring team in the league, averaging 36.3 points per game. That’s a shade under their 36.8 pace in 2007 the season. But it still can’t match the all-time record of 38.8 points per game posted by what team?

Elise Amendola/AP
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Miami Dolphins


Dallas Cowboys


Cleveland Browns


Los Angeles Rams

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