Obama's dog Bo arrives at White House - chaos erupts


The theme of the day was chaos.

When Rod Blagojevich exited the courthouse late this morning, he was almost squashed by reporters scrambling for a shot or a soundbite, leaving the ex-governor to remark that he was more worried about getting to his car than to his upcoming legal scrum.

Hello Bo

The same thing happened on the South Lawn of the White House. Except the object in question was not facing 300 years in prison, but a happy little puppy named Bo. A powerful little puppy too. The FDOTUS. First Dog of the United States.

Yep, Bo came home today and reporters went bonkers trying to capture that one perfect shot of the six-month old Portuguese Water Dog.


Bonkers really is the right term when you consider the questions thrown out at the president.

Like the first one.

"Has he had any accidents yet?" gasped one scrambling reporter.

"Not yet," replied President Obama.

The follow-up question was brilliant.

"Is he a boy or a girl?"

Cool Hand Barack didn't flinch. "A boy," Obama replied.

The third question was reminiscent of the Ed Henry - Barack Obama showdown in the president's second press conference.

"Where's he going to stay?" asked the courageous reporter.

Staring the reporter down, the president said something but we couldn't hear it. But there was a follow up question later and the president said the dog had a number of locations where he might sleep.

"But not in my bed," the president added.

Walk the dog

Obama went on to say that everyone in the family would take turns walking Bo. But with a gated yard and secret service protection, Bo could conceivably walk himself without too many problems.

Regardless, the full video of the historic unveiling of the First Dog is below. Enjoy. (Oh yeah, by the way -- follow us on Twitter!)

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