Blago pleads not guilty -- continues audition as stand up comedian

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich exits a Chicago courtroom late Tuesday morning after pleading not guilty to 16 felony charges.

Maybe it's the power of positive thinking. Or maybe it helps to be delusional. Whatever, it seems to be working for Rod Blagojevich.

Put yourself in his shoes. You've been impeached from office. You're accused of trying to sell President Obama's US Senate seat to the highest bidder. And you're facing more than 300 years in jail on 16 felony counts.

So if you were a bit depressed, it could be justified. But if you're Rod Blagojevich -- why get down?


Last month, he was the morning show host on WLS radio. Just like a real talk show host, Blago went to the phones.

His first caller asked the ex-gov for advice on how to deal with a house of ill-repute in his suburb.

"What is it, a room full of politicians?" Blago laughed.

Later, when cast members from the musical "Rod Blagojevich Superstar" offered the real Rod Blagojevich any role in the production, Blago -- without hesitation -- offered, "I’d like to play the US Attorney, and I’d be real nice to the governor."


Two weeks ago he was formally indicted on 11 counts of wire fraud, two counts of extortion conspiracy, and one count each of racketeering conspiracy, attempted extortion, and making false statements to federal agents.

Where was he when he heard the news? Kicked back in a lawn chair in shorts and sunglasses at Disney World.


Today, Blagojevich was mobbed walking to his car following the proceedings. In the scrum for position, the Chicago Tribune reports that one cameraman dropped an expletive when pushed over. He then apologized to Blagojevich for his language.

"It's alright, man. I heard it before," Blago said. "Listen to some of those tapes."

A reporter then asked him if he was worried about his legal representation. Without missing a beat, Blago said, "My bigger concern is getting in the car."


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