Blago gets offered acting role in Blagojevich musical

Former impeached Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, right, poses with Second City actor Joey Bland, who plays Blagojevich in a Second City production of Rod Blagojevich Superstar, as Blagojevich guest hosts the Don and Roma radio talk show at the studios of WLS Radio in Chicago, Wednesday.

Yeah, perhaps it was theater of the weird, but it was pretty entertaining.

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich appeared on WLS radio today in Chicago.

No big deal, right? The only person who gets more media time is that other guy from Chicago.

Morning Drive

Here's the difference. Blago was the host. For two hours this morning, the ex-gov did all the things that morning drive air personalities do. He took calls from listeners, bantered with high profile guests, joked with the news and weather staff, and kept welcoming Chicagoans to the show.

Like him or not (probably not, as his approval rating was four percent in December), he was good. He was really good. Perhaps radio is where he should hang his hat (if one could fit over his head) after he gets out of prison or whatever happens to him.


We found out a lot this morning. When talking to CNN host and comedian DL Hughley, Blago said he was working hard on his forthcoming book. He's already up to page three, he said.

"You're probably four pages further than George Bush is on his," Hughley countered.


He spent a sizable amount of time going after the lawmakers who impeached him a couple months ago following his arrest on federal corruption charges.

"They had a sham impeachment process," he said. "I was hijacked from office. I didn’t have a chance to prove I did nothing wrong. I wasn’t allowed to call witnesses. This was a backroom deal.”


Sadly, there was only one mention of Blago's giant hair. When he announced to his team that he was ready to take some calls, the concerned newsman asked if the headphones were going to mess up his hair.

"I brought my brush," Blago said.

"You brought the football?" the traffic reporter asked, alluding to the nickname the ex-governor gave to his ever-present Paul Mitchell.

"I’m not governor anymore, it is a smaller brush," he replied.


But the highlight of the show was when two actors who are performing in "Rod Blagojevich Superstar" – the spoof musical put on by the Second City theater group – joined him in the studio.

You could say the interview brought him face to face with himself, as one of the guys plays Blagojevich in the show.

“I feel like Laurence Olivier meeting Hamlet," the actor said.


Telling Blago that he's "good for tickets" because the show keeps selling out, they asked the real Rod to join the cast. And not necessarily to play himself. They offered him any role.

“I’d like to play the US Attorney and I’d be real nice to the governor,” Blago joked.


Perhaps wanting to bring his family, Blago asked if the show was kid friendly.

"Yes," one actor replied. "Kids who want to grow up fast. And kids who have horrible parents."

We attempted to live blog the show. You can read the transcript here.

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