Obama ditches teleprompter for drive-in theater movie screen

President Obama chucked his reliable teleprompter this evening in favor of a giant TV screen pictured here. The president conducted his second press conference since coming into office inside the East Room of the White House Tuesday night.

Leave it to FOX News to lead their coverage this evening with details on the new teleprompter President Obama used during his opening comments.

Actually it was just a monstrously large TV screen. Some are speculating that it resembled a drive-in theater movie screen.

Before recapping what the president said this evening, FOX anchor Brett Baier showed a photo of the gigantic TV screen the president used to kick off the press conference. (video below).


And during the president's prime time address, jokes about the teleprompter flourished on Twitter.

On President Obama's testy response to CNN's Ed Henry regarding the president's delay in expressing outrage over the AIG bonuses, PhonemanA had a different answer than the president.

"HA! It took a couple days for Obama to respond 'cause they had to get all his lines on the teleprompter! LMAO!!" he writes.

Squipplemunksh just couldn't quit laughing. "LOL LOL Obama reads a teleprompter like Ron Burgundy."

Jeenyice wonders, "Why is healthcare the answer for everything when fearless leader is asked a question? Is the teleprompter stuck on that word?

Not funny

President Obama did just fine without the teleprompter writes MeggyVC: "To all conservatives who accuse Obama of ONLY reading teleprompter, R U watching press conf? U R WRONG."

Deontee doesn't even like the conversation. "So, I turn on the news and some pundits are criticizing Obama's use of the teleprompter. American journalism is dying a slow death," he laments.


By the way, the president's teleprompter was pleased with this evening's performance (the teleprompter launched a blog a few days ago). Despite being abandoned, it seemed to be signaling there's room enough for both a teleprompter and a giant monitor. Talk about post partisanship.

"I knew My Man wouldn't let me down," it wrote. "This LCD screen thing is gonna make life so much easier for him when he's in the White House. But when we hit the road, it's gonna be back to basics. I'm exhausted. All those stats, and facts, and challenges, and resolutions. I need a drink."


Hey, we never use teleprompters. We only use Twitter! Follow us!

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