Biden makes everyone laugh (on purpose)

Jake Turcotte
Vice President Joe Biden entertained all comers to the annual Gridiron Dinner in Washington, DC last night.

You know the story, Joe Biden says something. Everyone laughs. President Obama gets mad. Biden disappears.

It's a pattern that began during the campaign and has carried on to the White House bringing much enjoyment to less sophisticated political voyeurs. (Thankfully we never revel in such foolishness).


Well, at least half of that happened last night. Biden said something and everyone laughed. No word if the president is upset and Joe is on the Endangered Species List.

The vice president was appearing as the Comedian-in-Chief at the annual Gridiron dinner. Presidents usually have this duty but the one they call the One opted out, choosing to spend time with his family.

"He can't be here tonight, because he's busy getting ready for Easter," Biden told the crowd, "He thinks it's about him."

Politically correct

There is speculation that O's absence was politically motivated as it's not wise to be seen "yucking it up" as the economy implodes.

However that seems a bit ludicrous. What's he going to do? Tell an inappropriate joke?

Leave that to Joe Biden.

Try the veal

Mike Allen at the Politico reveals these Biden zingers...

On stem cell research:

"I now realize that we have to be extra careful when we annunciate new policy ideas to make sure they don’t look like they’re personally motivated. For example, the other day there were a whole bunch of stories about the President’s hair going gray; the next day there’s a story about a Vice President who’s trying to grow new hair, and then the day after that, the two of us come out in favor of stem cell research. That looked bad."

On the past administration:

"You know, I never realized just how much power Dick Cheney had until my first day on the job. I walked into my office, and you know how the outgoing president always leaves the incoming president a note in his desk? I opened my drawer and Dick Cheney had left me Barack Obama's birth certificate."

On himself:

"When I announced our stimulus package website, I was asked how you get to it: All I said was I didn't know the website number. What I really meant to say was, 'Ted Stevens didn't tell me what tube the website is in.'"


Hey, we don't know what tube our website is in either. Follow us on Twitter and help us figure that out!

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