Biden to Chief Justice Roberts: I'm sorry


You know the joke that Vice President Biden told last week? The one where he publicly made fun of Chief Justice John Roberts? The one that President Obama didn't laugh at?

Yeah, that one. Well, the vice president wanted to smooth things over with Justice Roberts so he called him on the phone and apologized. (Perhaps he would have emailed him but the White House email system blew up).

Talking turkey

Details of the conversation are slight.

“They spoke and had a good conversation," a press aide told CNN.


In case you are late to the conversation, the vice president appeared to forget that he was to swear in newly arrived White House staffers late last week and President Obama gently reminded him.

“My memory’s not as good as Justice Roberts’,” Biden said referencing the Chief Justice’s failed attempt to administer the presidential oath of office by heart.

Although many in the room laughed and groaned, President Obama stood silent.

No big deal

"These are the two most regular people in the world," offered Hardball's know-it-all host Chris Matthews last night. "These are the least pretentious people in Washington, so there's no problem."

By the way, Matthews issued a "Sarah Palin warning" when discussing her new political action committee. He said history could lend itself to a Palin nomination in 2012 (click here to read that story).

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