What does the federal government do with your money? Take our taxes quiz.

Ann Hermes/The Christian Science Monitor/File
A 1040 form from 1913 hangs in the halls of the US Internal Revenue Service building in Washington, DC.

It seems there’s no end of taxes – and of debate about what the federal government does with all the money it collects. Whether you’re wrestling with Form 1040 or baffled by the latest debate in Washington over the national debt, here's at least a little relief. Test your knowledge of America’s fiscal behavior with this quiz. It won't cost you a dollar or add a dime to the deficit – and what you don't know you'll learn from the included answers!

1. An excise tax is a levy on the purchase of a specific good or service. Which of the following items are subject to a federal excise tax?


Indoor tanning


All of the above

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