Who are the 47 percent? 5 jobs held by people who pay no income tax.

Mitt Romney says 47 percent of Americans don't pay federal income taxes – and he was right. Half of that 47 percent are workers who hold jobs that don't pay enough for them to owe income taxes to Uncle Sam. What kinds of jobs are these?

2. Manicurists and pedicurists

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Natasha Bedingfield gets a manicure from Maybelline New York at the Allure Lounge at Fashion Week on Sept. 9.

Nail salons are popping up in urban areas nearly as fast as the nail polish companies can concoct new colors. And with the salons is a demand for manicure technicians, most of whom have to take a cosmetology training program and then become licensed.

The manicurists enjoy their work since it involves helping other people, says Megan Blue, the guest care coordinator at Tania, a salon in Wakefield, Mass. “It makes people feel good to have pretty feet and nice nails if they are working with guests,” she explains. “We all want to be beautiful.”

However, the occupation is not without a few challenges. “Probably the most difficult part is if someone comes in with an issue with a nail or toenail,” says Ms. Blue.

Blue says a good nail technician can do very well for herself if she has a good clientele. However, on a national basis the wages are not that good. According to the BLS, the 56,270 manicurists in the nation made a mean income of $21,760 in 2011.

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