At convention, Democrats struggle with stereotypes – of other Democrats

While it's useful to see larger trends of political support, such as white millennials for Bernie, on the streets of Philadelphia there is a far more colorful mosaic.

2. Tired of hearing: 'You're not really a progressive if you don't support Bernie'

Story Hinckley/Staff
Steve Lucas (far right) with two fellow Hillary Clinton supporters in Philadelphia, Penn. on July 26, 2016.

“I’m someone who is LGBT-identified, feminist-identified, and from rural Pennsylvania,” says Steve Lucas, a Hillary Clinton supporter who now lives in Washington. “And for someone to tell me I’m not progressive because I support Hillary Clinton – who has been a lightning rod for 25 years of all liberals – I have a hard time believing that.

“And I also get really frustrated when people say, ‘Well you’re not really a progressive if you don’t support Bernie.’ If you don’t support this and that and this and that, you’re not really a progressive. But that’s a really limited understanding of progressive politics and electoral politics.”

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