Is Scott Walker running? 5 quick takes from Wisconsin governor's memoir

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin sounds a lot like a presidential candidate in his memoir, 'Unintimidated.' Here are five points in the book that amplify the Republican governor's particular lens on politics.

2. Wisconsin isn't Illinois (thank goodness)

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    Gov. Scott Walker is surrounded by the news media after speaking to the Illinois Chamber of Commerce on April 17, 2012, in Springfield, Ill. Walker used Illinois and its many problems as an argument for why Wisconsinites should keep him in office, as he faced a recall election in June 2012. He won.
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Before his recall election, Walker accepted an invitation from the Illinois Chamber of Commerce to speak in Springfield about his reform agenda. Doing so in enemy territory – Democrats have long had majority rule in the Illinois legislature – had great symbolic meaning: Not only does the state suffer from the worst pension crisis in the US, downgrades to its bond rating, historically high property taxes, and a higher unemployment rate than Wisconsin's, but Illinois is also ground zero for Mr. Obama’s base. “In Wisconsin, we don’t have any of these problems,” he writes.

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