Five House controversies from Week 1: Did Republicans break promises?

House Republicans swept back into power this week promising to fix how the institution functions. Speaker John Boehner called for a renewed focus on the Constitution, more openness and accountability, and resolving 'honest differences through a fair debate and vote.' Here’s a look at the Republicans' first week back in charge.

1. The Constitution, gently abridged

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    Members of the House of Representatives read the Constitution Thursday in this screen capture from YouTube.
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As a first act of the new Congress, nearly a third of House members, both Republicans and Democrats, joined in the first-ever reading aloud of the Constitution on the floor of the House. But Republicans omitted some passages, such as a formula that counts slaves as three-fifths of a person, a requirement that escaped slaves be returned to their owners, the amendment banning “intoxicating liquors” as well as the one repealing that ban.

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