Five House controversies from Week 1: Did Republicans break promises?

Republicans returned to control of the House with grand promises of changing how the institution works. But Democrats are already crying foul. Here's a look at an eventful first week.

2. Not sworn-in, but still voting

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    Reps. Pete Sessions (R) of Texas (l.) and Mike Fitzpatrick (R) of Pennsylvania raise their hands and recite the oath of office as they watch a television broadcast of Speaker of the House John Boehner administering the oath from the House floor Wedensday. The congressmen's 'remote' oath was deemed insufficient. They were re-sworn-in Friday.
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Two GOP lawmakers, Reps. Pete Sessions of Texas and freshman Mike Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania missed their swearing in on Jan. 5 yet still participated in floor votes and committee work – a violation of the Constitution. (The lawmakers had been attending a $30-a-head event in the Capitol in honor of Mr. Fitzpatricks’s swearing in.)

In a first, Congress voted Friday to nullify the first five votes of Congressmen Sessions and Fitzpatrick in an effort to fix the error. The vote was 257 to 159, with 27 Democrats voting along with Republicans.

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